Dentist Reception Area, DE

The Project

Pet retail store FISH owner Markus Gerhardus, wanted two marine aquariums in the waiting area and in the reception area of the dental practice that he also owns. It was imperative that they could be easily maintained by the employees.

How long did it take to install?

The installation process threw up a few challenges. The furniture in the building was already installed, where usually it would arrive after an installation of this scale. To work around this, we glued the aquariums on site. Also, the brief required a big 'Back-to-Nature' 3D Back wall (Reef L) installed into one of the tanks, which was also fitted on site.

It took three engineers to set up the aquariums, glue them, and install the 3D back wall. We then installed the filter and completed the PVC-piping. On the same day, the client filled the aquariums and put them into operation.

What impact has the new look had?

The finished aquariums look clean and professional, they create a serene and inviting atmosphere. The display has been lacquered with a special two-component lacquer in white gloss. On either side of the aquariums, doors were installed to surround the tank for a sleek and modern finish. Reinforcements are made of long-lasting powder coated stainless steel frames.

Details of the installation

Aquarium 1 - Reception

1940mm x 800mm x 650mm

Front and right side window are made of special white glass.

Aquarium 2 - Waiting Area

1680mm x 590mm x 650mm

Both front windows are made of special white glass.

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