Pull Out Storage Unit

A better way to store what's important to you.

This versatile pull out storage unit houses all your essentials equipment in one place. It slides completely out on runners, meaning that it can be used as an access point to go behind your aquatic or animal racks. There is also space to hang a stepladder out of sight and reach of customers.

With clever shelving and storage solutions, it makes it easy to keep everything organised and in instant view. The unit houses four metal trays for small items and bagging, shelving, and a dispenser area for blue towel and liquid pumps such as stress coat and hand sanitiser. It also includes a lockable chemical cupboard to ensure the safety of staff, customers, and livestock.

The unit is available in any colour and with our specialist graphics, to ensure that it blends into your store environment. It integrates seamlessly with CASCO Pet's aquatic, bird, reptile and small animal systems to complement your store design.

• Completely integrated storage

• Available in any colour or with our custom graphics

• Slides smoothly on runners

• Pulls out to create access point

• Lockable chemical cupboard

• Space to hang stepladder

• Dispenser wall

• Four metal trays

• Soft close

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