CASCO Pet has combined its expert aquatic knowledge with market leaders Tropical Marine Centre (TMC) to identify six water quality problems and combat them with six filtration solutions.

When setting up a new aquarium the Start Up pad helps the biological filtration by creating the perfect conditions for bacteria to establish. The phosphate in tap water can cause an excessive growth of algae, use the Phosphate Reduction pad to resolve this. To keep the nitrogen cycle in balance use Ammonia and Nitrite & Nitrate filters. The Activated Carbon pad removes chlorine, heavy metals, toxic substances and other large organic compounds, and for crystal clear aquariums use Water Clarity pad, to remove impurities. All the filter pads can be used for both freshwater and marine fish with the exception of the Water Clarity pad which is for freshwater only.

CASCO have integrated a dedicated chamber into all sump filtration systems to accommodate these filter pads, but PowerPads can still be used in older and other non CASCO aquatic systems by simply adding the PowerPad into the filter media chamber. The result is a complete and adaptable filtration system.

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