NANO Plus+

Capitalise on a growing trend

The NANOplus+ is a sleek and stylish way to display freshwater or marine livestock. Delivered fully assembled and ready to use, the island enables you to capitalise on this major growth area. The NANOplus+ is supplied with sump filtration and includes a UV steriliser and vibrant lighting. With two levels of cubes the island also benefits from an upper display shelf designed for promoting retail Nano tanks for your customers to purchase.

• Fast return on investment
• Total of 28 cubes each with its own supply of filtered water and drain to the filter
• Sump filtration with UV sterilisation
• Suitable for Marine or Freshwater
• Excellent pre-filtration and biological filtration
• Compartment for chemical filtration
• Delivered ready to run and installed in minutes
• Easy to clean and maintain
• Removable cover glass for each cube
• Built in product display area
• Stylish design enhances store environment
• Lighting for each level
• Built from high quality durable materials with levelling feet
• Vented double access doors on two sides
• Available in any colour
• Fits through most doors fully assembled
• Requires one single 13 amp power socket
• Low running costs
• Special water tap to make bagging up livestock easy
• Storage for nets and plastic bags

Dimensions - w 740mm x h 740mm

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