Ladder & Rail

Climb the ladder to guaranteed sales.

Ever had a situation when a customer wants to buy some fish that are in the top level of your racks but your step ladders are no where to be seen? By the time you've found where they've gone your customer has lost interest and disappeared. No customer – no sale!

If only your step ladders could be fixed to guarantee those sales. Well now they can. The new Ladder & Rail from pet and aquatic shop fitting specialists CASCO Pet takes store ladders to the next level.

CASCO Pet are renowned for the high quality of their shop fittings as well as the innovative features their products bring to pet stores.

Stylishly designed the ladders are an essential addition to any store and can be fitted to any system, new or old, built by CASCO Pet or any other manufacturer.

Being fixed to a rail means that the ladders never leave your livestock racks. They glide along the rail with very little effort to push or pull them until they reach the unit you want to access.

Once you step onto the ladders they ease down onto four stabilising feet providing a very secure platform to stand on. The safety of the ladders is increased by its low centre of gravity, hand rails and anti-slip step finish.

he step ladders are clearly designed with store usability in mind. Rather than carrying a multitude of fish bags, nets, cloths or cleaning products up regular ladders CASCO Pet's ladders have shelving to make easy work of catching fish, rack cleaning or other maintenance. Bagging fish up is always a tricky task when standing on conventional ladders. CASCO Pet have again shown their unique knowledge of pet retail day-to-day problems by building in a bagging bowl at the top of the step ladders. You'll be able to rest the bag filled with water and fish safely whilst fastening it up for the customer.

Apart from keeping your racks and step ladders together, the rail creates an effective bump barrier for wayward shopping trolleys and avoids them damaging your units. It can be shaped so the ladders can run around corners or even parked away in a tidy ladder garage.

All these clever features come together in a durable and well designed addition to any pet store.

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