CASCO Pet's graphics department can really bring your pet store to life. You could simply have your choice of background colours to your aquariums or theme your entire store with a design that spreads all over the animal units and onto the floor, walls and ceiling. It's a cost effective way of transforming your store into a spectacular magical installation that brings a sense of fun to your customers.

Imagine animal footprints that lead customers across a store to reptile and small animal livestock. Or a jungle theme that runs through bird racks and beyond onto the surrounding walls.

Graphics can be applied to almost any surface and printed to almost any size, the only limit is your imagination. Matthew Bubear, CASCO Pet CEO said "They truly look amazing, creating a stunning show piece".

Removable promotional messages can be applied to the rear of aquariums or animal units and can be changed when an offer ends or a new promotion begins. Seasonal themes, such as Christmas could decorate the installation.

CASCO Pet can design a theme or you can choose from a vast library of images. Alternatively, you may have an amazing idea of your own. Please give us a call to find out more about how Graphics by CASCO Pet could transform your store and increase your sales.

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