Leclerc Provins, FR

The Project

Leclerc have now trusted CASCO Pet to fit over 20 of their stores, with each installation bringing new challenges and innovative solutions. This store in Northern France was no different, with a focus on optimising space we installed a nano rack rather than a stand-alone island. This enables the store to increase their livestock, without compromising on the space in their store or the well-being of their animals. To fit the available central space we installed two 3 tank wave cascade coldwater islands.

Leclerc understands the importance of visual impact, and so asked to create graphics depicting natural imagery corresponding to the habitats of the animals. For example, blue skies for our in-line panoramic bird aviary, a desert backdrop for our large corner reptile unit, and picturesque fields for rabbit enclosures on our small animal island. These graphics introduce colour and theatre into the store, helping to transport the customer into the natural environment of the animals.

To make the store as practical as it is eye-catching, we installed our innovative pull out storage unit, and reptile live feeder. Both units integrate perfectly with our racks, and are blended into the display using graphics.

Special Features

4 level nano rack

3 tank wave cascade aquatic islands

Specialist graphics

Pull out storage unit

Reptile live feeder

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