Leclerc Bourg-lès-Valence, FR

The Project

For this installation Leclerc asked us to do what we do best – bring the outside in. They knew that we would be able to deliver on their brief, and that we could be flexible and create custom designs especially for this store. First, we rendered a 3D video walkaround with audio, to demonstrate our vision for the store. Then we worked with an architect to design full-sized scenery that creates an outdoor atmosphere, captivating the customer and making the animals appear in a more natural habitat.

In particular, we installed an animal island with overhead jungle style scenery and matching graphics. We also installed a coldwater pond in the entrance of the store, with a rocky surrounding and imitation trees, to create that wow factor as soon as the customer comes through the door.

Putting our specialist graphics into every unit creates an eye-catching and immersive experience throughout the store. For example, we designed atelier style dog boxes and petting area with 'window view' graphics, helping the customer to envision the pets in their own home. We also specially designed and built a new turtle island with variable levels allowing them access to water and land.

Special Features

Chicken houses with custom graphics

Atlier style dog boxes

Small animal island

Custom built turtle island

Wow factor coldwater pond

In-line panoramic bird aviary

Nano Plus+ aquatic island

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