Veterinary Clinical Housing

At CASCO Pet we're changing the game in the veterinary industry. Our Veterinary Clinical Housing range is high quality, affordable, and most importantly, focused on patient wellbeing.

From conception to build, our focus is to create enclosures that are safe, hygienic, and practical. Using toughened glass instead of stainless steel creates a warm and quiet environment for recovery, aided by our specially designed calming graphics. Their modular design gives you ultimate flexibility. Each enclosure can simply be stacked on top of one another, and are available with optional built in heating and lighting. CASCO Pet is committed to quality and innovation, which is why our veterinary range is not only flexible, but built by our expert engineers using the best quality materials.

We have created a range of combinations that we recommend as suitable for most practices. However, each individual component is available to offer you maximum flexibility to choose or customise your own ward.

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Veterinary Clinical Housing

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