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Our installation

When opening Vets on the Common Michael and Ellie aspired to create a strong sense of community surrounding the practice, making it a place where clients can trust the whole team and rely on familiar faces when coming in with their beloved pets. After discovering our kennels they felt they were noticeably superior to traditional stainless steel cages and looked a lot more comfortable, inviting, and less cold - a perfect fit for their new clinic!

In order to achieve their business goals and values the CASCO team configured and installed a CASCO Cat Silver, Dog Gold and Dog Silver Stacks into their facility. Each with their own built-in LED lighting and heating, every kennel is bright and warm to cater for a wide range of patients.

You can tell patients feel more secure and private in their CASCO kennels, with less interference from noisy and nosy neighbors. This is reassuring for us, our clients and most importantly, our patients!
Michael Lazaris Vet & Director

What Our Client's Think About Our Veterinary Clinical Housing

Our clients are always very impressed with the kennels and say how much they prefer these to traditional stainless steel kennels. They appreciate that we have invested in premium kennels to improve the comfort of our patients, and it also reassures them when leaving their beloved pets with us for the day.

Cleaning our CASCO kennels is incredibly easy, especially since we don’t have to wipe around numerous metal bars. Their new disinfectant spray leaves the glass clean and streak-free.
Michael Lazaris Vet & Director

Post-installation Feedback

Rather than the loud and high-pitched barking we’re used to from our patients, it now sounds like it’s coming from another room! Our cat ward is now peaceful and quiet all day long - just how our feline patients would want it!

We always make a point of impressing clients with our CASCO kennels. It helps us stand out amongst other practices and leaves clients happy knowing their pets are stress-free and comfortable when staying with us. They really do appreciate the difference between our CASCO kennels and the old-fashioned stainless steel cages.

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We love seeing both our clients and their patients reaping the rewards of our innovative clinical housing range, so if you are a new clinic or a surgery looking to refit and revolutionize your veterinary wards, do get in touch!

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