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"Normal cages would have let the practice down, and using CASCO Pet enclosures has improved our image. Clients want to see their pets in a nice environment and these kennels are as nice as you can get."
JONATHAN UNDERWOOD Vet, Owner at Hawthorn Vets

Choose WELLKennels: The Future-Ready Solution for Progressive Veterinary Care

Built-in Heat

With built-in heat mats, patient needs are optimised by delivering the perfect temperature for recovery and general comfort, tailored to individual patient needs.

Significantly quieter

Move past the noise of traditional steel cages. Our WELLKennels guarantee a calmer, quieter setting, improving both patient and staff experiences for faster recoveries and happier, less stressed animals.

Innovative Privacy Solutions

Offering privacy doors that reduce external disturbances to minimise stress and anxiety.

Prioritise Hygiene

Designed for today's challenges, our glass kennels offer superior cleanliness and ensure effortless maintenance, meeting the highest biosecurity standards with surfaces that resist bacterial build-up.

The DRC Lighting Advantage

Our Patented DRC (Daylight, Recovery, Cleaning) intelligent lighting system supports operational efficiency and sets new standards in comfort, care, and hygiene.

Elevate Team Satisfaction and Engagement

Create a calm, attractive and operationally efficient environment to enable your team to deliver unparalleled animal care, boosting motivation, enhancing staff retention and creating the perfect setting for new team members.

Redefine Visibility with LED

Integrated LED lighting supports natural vision, circadian rhythm and helps patients recognise caregivers during recovery, leaving them calm and relaxed.

"Our favourite feature is the internal heating, it means our patients can stay warm and toastie, as one of the risks after an anaesthetic is that a patient may get too cold. We have not seen any concerns with kennels getting too hot inside and the kennels come with their own ventilation to mitigate that."

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