The CASCO enclosures are the quietest and most comfortable on the market!

"Thanks to CASCO Pet and thank you to Matthew Bubear for partnering with UrgentVet to make pets more comfortable in the clinical setting. Fear & anxiety contribute to patient morbidity. The Casco enclosures are the quietest and most comfortable product on the market. We knew immediately that these enclosures were the ideal choice for UrgentVet’s network of clinics."

James Dobies     President, UrgentVet Division at American Veterinary Group

Don't just take our word for it!

Love by Veterinarians and.......

“CASCO enclosures are a clear game changer in the veterinary health profession. Veterinarians have a responsibility to ensure the comfort and emotional well-being of companion animals. One look at calm dogs and cats in these enclosures tells any observer that CASCO’s technology is light years ahead of traditional metal and fiberglass caging.”

Dr JAMES DOBBIES.    President at Urgent Vet

“The benefit the new housing range from CASCO Pet has over traditional animal cages is huge.”

Dr Antony Bielovich,  JVP Vet at Havant, Vets4Pets Clinic.

“They are easy to clean, the dogs love them, the clients love them, they are quiet, ventilation is great. I can’t say enough good things!”

Dr CODY CREELMAN.       Fen Vet - Canada



“Standing in the treatment room at Studio City, I can’t help but be reminded of how beautiful the CASCO enclosures are and that I can’t remember when I ever thought I would call a cage beautiful”.

CHRISTINE KJEELL.   Head of Clinical Operations at Modern Animal

“Our patients are more comfortable - they are less afraid or anxious which ultimately means we can provide better care for them and are less likely to get injured. Our team also takes pride in having something unique that really does make it better for pets”

Dr CHRIS DIETRICH.   Vet / Owner at TruBOND

....loved by Pet Parents

"We had an open house and one client said, “that’s where the pets stay!?” They look so beautiful, and we’ve found that owners have an easier time leaving their pets with us for the day. It definitely makes an impact on their perception of the level of care their pet will receive from us."

Dr DANA NOVARA.   DVM, Owner and Founder at UrbanPaw

“Clients have been blown away with the enclosures. They are used to seeing pets "behind bars", but when they see our enclosures, they immediately sense that we care. I found our clients telling other pet owners about our clinic and specifically referring to the enclosures”

Dr CHRIS DIETRICH.    Vet / Owner at TruBOND

Ark Animal Hospital Transformation

We absolutely love this transformation at Ark Animal Hospital in Oregon, USA 

Here’s what the team had to say: “The new cat condos look much nicer than our old ones, and our clients definitely like them more. They are much easier to clean than our previous cages and are very simple to use, which is wonderful. Our favourite part is that you can divide the sections into two smaller kennels or one big one, allowing us to be flexible with our capacity.”


Ark Animal - before and after

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