The ripple effect of noise within a clinic is evident, with more than half of respondents reporting that excessive noise led to staff stress, and over a quarter facing challenging working conditions. Additionally, almost one in five said they had suffered an injury as a result of noise challenges.


In response to these findings, reducing noise levels in clinics emerged as a top priority for professionals using stainless steel kennels, with 84.64% declaring it important. This emphasis on noise reduction was only narrowly beaten by patient comfort, by 0.3%.


Ease of cleaning (80.62%) and reducing patient stress levels (77.64%) also ranked highly, while temperature issues with stainless steel kennels were declared a challenge by over half of respondents (55.68%).

“These findings lay bare the true scale of stainless steel kennelling’s excessive noise problem for pet patients and practice staff. Clanging, resonant and disruptive, stainless steel kennels can significantly exacerbate fear, stress and anxiety and impact recovery. It’s clear that stainless steel is no longer suitable for today’s animal housing. A 21st century solution is needed – one that truly puts patient wellbeing at the forefront.”
Matthew Bubear Founder & CVO of CASCO Pet

CASCO Pet offers such a solution with our state-of-the-art WELLKennels, crafted from specialist safety glass. These kennels mitigate noise for a quieter, calmer, and more comfortable environment for both patients and practice staff. 


Certified by the International Society of Feline Medicine and preferred by Fear Free, these kennels have garnered significant interest among veterinary professionals. 


Over 62% of respondents believe WELLKennels would have a "significant" or "very significant" improvement on their practice, with noise reduction being cited as one of the most appealing features by 71% of respondents.

The shift towards quieter and more comfortable environments in veterinary clinics marks a significant step forward in ensuring the wellbeing of both animals and those who care for them. With innovative solutions like WELLKennels leading the way, the days of excessive noise from stainless steel cages may soon be a thing of the past.