Having worked for CASCO Pet over a decade ago in Europe, what was it that brought you back to the company? 

CASCO Pet has always been one of the most innovative companies in Pet retail with a focus on design and animal welfare. 

This continuous dedication to pushing boundaries, coupled with the opportunity to work with top European retailers played strongly in my decision to return to CASCO Pet. 

The development of a revolutionary Veterinary housing range was also particularly exciting and appealing.  

Can you talk us through your current role with CASCO Pet? What is your favourite part of your role?

My current role involves an element of key account management with several large retail groups in France and other markets, with a primary focus on the pet sector.

Business development and project management are integral components of my responsibilities, involving the promotion of our Pet and Vet ranges across the diverse geographical areas I look after.

The dynamic nature of this role keeps me motivated. However, my favourite part lies in witnessing the positive impact our innovations have on the well-being of animals.

Tell us about your passion for animal welfare – why is it important to you?

The presence of pets in my life from a young age, gave me an understanding of the responsibility involved in ensuring their well-being and happiness. This awareness led me to learn and develop filtration systems for my home aquaria as a teenage hobbyist. 

Later, in the early 90s, I started keeping reptiles and again, built vivariums and worked on providing them with the best environmental conditions, in an area where very little was available commercially for these animals.

These early experiences reinforced my passion for animal welfare and put me on the professional path I pursue today.

With a focus on veterinary housing, how do you think the industry could improve? 

Metal cages have been the go-to since the 1950s for veterinary housing. Studies dating as far back as the 1940s have highlighted that cold housing, excessive noise and lack of light and ventilation are sources of stress that impact recovery negatively. 

I am working tirelessly with the profession to highlight and change this and to improve the quality of care provided, through the supply of high quality and improved housing. A change of mindset is essential and the way forward. 

What is the best advice you would give to someone looking to move into a similar role to yours?

For those aspiring to start a similar professional journey, a love for animals and their welfare is a must! 

Listening attentively to clients, understanding their needs, and possessing a keen eye for detail are invaluable traits that will help you along the way.

I feel particularly proud, when visiting a store or clinic, where animals feel relaxed and, where I know, I have done my best to improve their housing conditions.