Commenting on the launch, Matthew Bubear Chief Vision Officer said,

We are thrilled to debut our new company website to our global team, clients, and future clients who want to know more about CASCO Pet and understand the complete breadth and depth of products we offer. This website redesign truly brings together our commitment to animal health and wellness and provides clients who may operate across many pet sectors one place to find all our ranges”.

The website’s new streamline and modern design has improved functionality and accessibility and comprehensively brings together the entire range of Veterinary, Pet, and Aquatic products as well as CASCO’s ‘news and views’ blog, an enhanced Service and Support section, as well as interesting and inspiring case studies.


More about CASCO Pet

As the world's leading provider of animal-housing solutions we inspire the pet and veterinary industry with transformative ideas and innovations that deliver first class solutions in animal enclosures for retail, veterinary and educational facilities. With a constant focus on innovation and discovery, we have redefined pet retail habitats and veterinary clinical housing, ensuring animal health and wellness is at the heart of all that we do.

Established in 1997, and now with offices in the UK, US, Germany, Portugal and Australia, CASCO Pet has truly earned the reputation of global market leaders in the design and manufacture of innovative animal housing solutions. Providing quality and thoughtful animal housing for pet retail stores, veterinary clinics/hospitals, and other animal-loving organisations across the world.