The Daylight setting mimics natural daylight, helping maintain the patient’s natural circadian rhythm – a key factor which is often overlooked – to promote healthier sleep patterns. Good natural light also improves visibility, enabling the patient to recognise and read the facial expressions of their carers more clearly. This helps to reduce stress and anxiety levels which can hinder recovery.


The red light Recovery setting enables the veterinary team to carry out efficient, non-disruptive night-time monitoring, facilitating better patient rest and recovery; felines and canines do not see in the red spectrum, as their eyes lack red light receptors.


Elevating hygiene and biosecurity benchmarks, the Cleaning setting activates a harmless blue UV light. Designed to enable meticulous cleaning, it illuminates organic residues, ensuring that imperceptible matter does not escape the human eye, minimising cross-contamination risks.

"Our commitment to innovation and enhancing pet wellness in the veterinary sector is further demonstrated by this latest patent. There is nothing else like the DRC Lighting System on the market."
Matthew Bubear Chief Executive Officer and Chief Vision Officer

CASCO Pet is committed to enhancing pet wellness, with a constant focus on innovation and discovery to redefine standards of care in animal housing. Merging functionality with first-class design, the company provides solutions in animal enclosures for retail, veterinary practices and clinics, as well as education facilities. Its WELLKennels system offers a radical alternative to traditional steel cages.

“Veterinary clinics that incorporate our patented lighting system are not just adopting a technology – they are reshaping their entire patient care paradigm. As a result, veterinary teams can assure pet owners of superior, non-intrusive care for their beloved companion animals, fostering trust and enhancing overall patient wellbeing.”
Matthew Bubear Chief Executive Officer and Chief Vision Officer

D.R.C. Lighting system. See how it will revolutionise your clinic

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