As you reach the top of the stairs leading up to the second floor, you’re greeted by an impressive display of CASCO Pet premium animal enclosures – situated amidst a stunning layout featuring faux-tree canopies. Bird aviaries make an instant impact, thanks to their soothing, realistic graphic background. 

A variety of enriching enclosures for small animals form the aisle, with chinchillas housed in a dedicated space providing ample room for them to explore and play. All of which provide a safe and beautiful habitat for the animals, while providing a seamless experience for the customer, with clear and easy viewing inside. Ambient sounds from nature are played in the background to soothe the animals in their habitats and enhance the shopping experience, too.

“Absolutely amazing job to you and your team for putting together such amazing habitats for the store. They looked incredible!”
Alex Wolfe District General Manager, Petco

As for the piece de resistance of animal enclosures? That would be the dedicated reptile fixtures – of which there are many. Mimicking their natural habitats, the enclosure environments feature faux logs, sand, bark and greenery, suctioned vines and, of course, customisable graphics – ensuring the animals feel safe, comfortable and at-home.

Our CEO and Chief Vision Officer, Matthew Bubear, was on-hand to capture an in-depth look of the space – something that garnered him a mention in Retail Brew’s social round-up. Calling it a “bold statement” and “significant milestone”, he said the store “truly deserves the title of the best-looking pet store in the world”, regardless of the role CASCO Pet played.

While Matthew may have remained humble, Petco, however, lavished praise on our team’s contribution. District General Manager Alex Wolfe said that the “amazing habitats…looked incredible”, while Petco Chief Operating Officer Justin Tichy voiced his appreciation and support for CASCO Pet and Petco’s partnership, calling it a “labor of love” that they “couldn’t be more proud” of.


CASCO Pet's CEO walk through the New York Petco Store

And for those who love life under the sea, behind our animal enclosures you will find a captivating section dedicated to all things aquatic – featuring beautiful plant displays, mesmerising coral displays, an aquatic turtle display and a stunning BETTA End Cap. 

As you explore further, you will find our striking stretch of aquatic fish racks, offering an extensive and diverse selection of live freshwater and marine fish. These racks boast a high-class finish and captivating graphics, making them an eye-catching addition to the store. 

Although customers may not notice it, our revolutionary CASCO-Purge system sets our fish racks apart – and makes life easier for both the store staff, and for the fish. This cutting-edge filtration system challenges traditional labour-intensive methods, providing a virtually maintenance free solution that ensures a clean and stable environment for fish. By utilising the Purge system, fish mortality is successfully reduced by up to 80% – putting their wellbeing front and centre, while also reducing overall costs and supporting an eco-friendly approach.


“Appreciate the support and partnership, Matthew B. It’s been a labor of love and we couldn’t be more proud with the final result!”
Justin Tichy Chief Operation Officer, EVP, Petco

Vetco Total Care's dedication to elevating the standards of pet care shines brightly through their installation of WELLKennels. Dog Multi-Stacks, Cat Silver Kennels and Dog Walk-Ins have been installed in their veterinary practice located inside the store, providing optimal care for animals. Additionally, the kennels are equipped with our innovative DRC (daylight, recovery, cleaning) lighting system.

Chris Brady, Area Operations Manager at Vetco Total Care, referred to WELLKennels as “stunning” and bringing a smile to his face every time he was in.

It’s always rewarding to see our customers as happy as we are – and we couldn’t have asked for a better partner than Petco for this unique retail experience, that’s setting a new standard in the industry.

“What CASCO has brought to our Vetco Total Care clinics is stunning and bring a smile to my face every time I was into our hospital!”
Chris Brady Area Operations Manager, Vetco Total Care