CHALLENGE: Fewer resources mean its harder to keep on top of maintenance

RESULTING ISSUE: Decline in water quality health issues for livestock

SOLUTION: Regular use of CASCOPure reduces maintenance and has been cultivated to improve the health of your fish

CHALLENGE: Difficulties in replenishing fish stock due to lock down restrictions

RESULTING ISSUE: Beneficial bacteria within your filtration system dies off

SOLUTION: CASCOPure keeps the bacteria density by providing live beneficial bacteria and enzymes that rapidly mature and cycle new and existing systems to deliver crystal clear, perfectly balanced water

CHALLENGE: When the time comes to restock fish, boom! Huge ammonia spike

RESULTING ISSUE: Resulting in Toxic Tank Syndrome and fish die!

SOLUTION: Add CASCOPure when restocking. Each ball coverts toxic ammonia and nitrite into safer forms, significantly reducing fish loss through poor water quality and Toxic Tank Syndrome

CASCOPure has been specifically designed to meet the needs of commercial aquatic systems. Available for both freshwater and marine systems. Simply drop 1 ball per 450 ltrs (120 US liquid gallons) per month.

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