World of Water Bicester, United Kingdom

Almost 3 years on, we met World of Water manager Adam Willsher to see how the store has been since the refit…

After an unfortunate fire in the store at the end of 2015, World of Water had to rebuild the entire aquatics department. This meant brand new Tropical plant systems as well as new Tropical, Marine, and Goldfish systems.

This is where CASCO Pet were able to come in and help! We introduced World of Water to our aquatics systems with a visit to our UK showroom and from there we recommended Adam visit various store locations with our installations. This gave him the ideal opportunity to look at different store configurations, finishes as well as seeing how well the product ages.

"I was pleased to say that the stores I visited had very clean well managed tanks and the displays were inspiring." – Adam Willsher, World of Water Manager

By working with our sales account manager, Ian Blinco, World of Water were able to sign off on a design and plan that allowed a smooth process moving forward. We provided 3D drawings and requirements for electricity and water, meaning the client could be fully prepared prior to install.

"I am pleased to say that CASCO's team of installers came in when they said and installed in the time frame specified. They were clean, tidy and professional." - Adam Willsher

In the words of Adam, the wow factor was apparent from the store opening, with traders and customers stopping and staring at the entrance. Now, almost 3 years on we have returned to find out how they're getting on.

One concern our customer had was the choice of white fascias and how they might look in a few years' time…

"I am pleased to say that the installation still looks amazing and my team have real pride in the appearance of the store." - Adam Willsher

World of Water describe the systems as easy to maintain. The ability to access the back of the units discretely, rather than carrying out maintenance in front of customers means staff can work safely and unhindered.

"The sales figures are still growing month on month and other stores in our group are looking at similar systems. It goes to show that providing a fresh and modern display really does go a long way to achieving our 5 star pet shop license and a great reputation." - Adam Willsher, World of Water Manager

It goes without saying that we are absolutely are thrilled with this feedback and growing sales figures say a lot about our products and what they can do for your stores.

To find out more or book a visit to our UK or US showrooms, contact a member of our sales team on:

UK: 08450 609960

US: (866) 584 5229

AU: 0452 51 50 65