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Our Entry Level Aquarium Racks are pre-assembled for a quick and easy install, suitable for pet retail, educational facilities, and animal rescue centres looking to get started quickly! Fitted with the essential equipment to run your aquarium, the quality of craftsmanship is undeniable, and the sophisticated design is incomparable at this price point.

With compartments configurable in multiple ways, these highly versatile units provide the ideal solution for facilities with limited space and looking to increase capacity.

Perfect for both long and short-term housing, all Entry Level Aquarium Racks come with end panels, lighting, individual cover glass and hinged access doors. 

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Rack Specifications

Rack Dimensions

Length: 1206 mm / 47.5"
Width: 435 mm / 17"
Height: 1950 mm / 77"


Compartment combinations



End panels
Power sockets. 
Individual cover glass
hinged access doors
Blue vinyl back 
Black silicon

Optional Upgrades


koi pond

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