Mars Fishcare, USA

The Project

When Mars Fishcare were looking for a state of the art research facility, despite discussing their requirements with several suppliers, CASCO Pet emerged as the obvious choice. CASCO Pet are renowned for their high quality livestock fixtures and innovative designs making them the ideal supplier for such an ambitious project.

Mars Fishcare needed a system to aid the continuous development for their extensive range of aquatic treatment and fish food products. The CASCO Pet design team meticulously developed a system that surpassed all expectations. Gary Jones, Corporate & Scientific Affairs Manager said "The finished CASCO Pet fish room systems have been met with excitement and compliments from everyone who enters into the room or looks through our window. A few different University professors have visited and each one has responded with approval and comments about how they wish they had such equipment to work with".

CASCO Pet custom built five independent systems for both tropical and coldwater livestock, which could be controlled or isolated to deliver specific conditions as and when required. As a finishing touch CASCO Pet dressed the fixtures with Mars branding and striking graphics.

How long did it take to install?

CASCO engineers smoothly installed the full system inside five days.

What impact has the new look had?

"Anyone who has entered into our fishroom for the first time is very impressed by the professional appearance of the fish systems. The details of the filtration systems from automatic top-off, computerised auto-dialer capabilities, ease of maintenance, etc. have proved ways to better protect the animals under our care and reduced time needed for maintenance. The graphics help to tell the story and sell our API brand" commented Gary.

Details of the installation

The installation included five independent systems for tropical and coldwater livestock, four of which could be run in tandem. Between six and 24 individual tanks were fitted to the systems with various configurations. The coldwater pond system had six 132 gallon tanks. Computerised monitoring equipment was installed to each system.

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