Cadbury Garden & Leisure Group, UK

The Project

The fish room was in urgent need of a total makeover, as fittings and tanks were more than ten years old. The owners also wanted to update the filtration system from a centralised system to individual systems of three tanks for greater control over water quality. The original curved layout was maintained with varied tank sizes and formats to add visual interest. To brighten and give the aquatic room a magical 'X' factor illuminated graphic panels were installed above the racks. In all 11 three tier fish units, a Nano unit, a TV display unit, a large invert unit, a curved plant and curved coldwater units were supplied and installed by CASCO Pet.

How long did it take to install?

Five days. All the units were delivered with tanks, plumbing and electrics pre-assembled. "It all went remarkably smoothly" recalls Ben Williams, Aquatic Buyer.

What impact has the new look had?

"Tropical fish sales are up at least 50% on the year, and marine fish are selling that achieved last year most weeks. It all looks so much brighter and presentable; much more professional. Customers now spend longer looking around the tanks, and management has become easier where we have been able to hold species separately. Our experienced team of aquatic staff are pleased with the new systems and have been able to translate the investment into increased sales." - Ben Williams, Aquatic Buyer.

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