Abbey Aquatics & Reptiles, UK

The Project

To modernise a 10 year old reptile room which was stocked with old wooden reptile cages and featured garish-coloured lighting. To suit the clients budget CASCO Pet supplied their entry level reptile units in various sizes, as well as a centrepiece arboreal display unit. A bespoke four level 16 tank unit was supplied for insects, small frogs and a few hatchling snakes.

How long did it take to install?

The client opted to install the CASCO Pet's pre-assembled 'Plug-Play' units himself. After overcoming an unlevel ceiling and discovering that the room required the electrics needed replacing the re-fit took three weeks.

What impact has the new look had?

"Incredible. Before the refit, that room would take in about £1,000 a month. Now, it's £3,500, and I'm convinced it's because the room looks so much more professional. In general, customers have so much more confidence in a place that looks professional, which sends out the message that we know what we are doing." Colin White, Owner

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