How are noise levels affecting you and your patients?

We have explored the route of noise issues in veterinary wards and we have the solution…

Did you know that a dog's bark can reach up to and above 85 decibels? Furthermore, did you know that noise levels in kennels can range between 95 and 115 decibels? To put this into perspective, an average conversation with a person would only reach around 60 decibels, this tells us that a loud veterinary surgery has potential to be a stressful and chaotic environment. At CASCO Pet, we have identified and examined noise hazards in a veterinary surgery setting and determined that the core issues lie with veterinary ward housing facilities for the animals.

Traditionally veterinary patients are kept in metal cages and for years we have seen no change to these kennel designs. The reverberations inside metal cages means the sound from the animals is louder than it would normally be and ultimately this affects the well-being of the patients as well as the veterinary staff. It is possible to deal with the noise levels by wearing ear buds or even adding insulation to the cages, however this is always going to be a temporary and ineffective solution. The problem with noise hazard is also the risk of damaging your hearing after prolonged time in these loud spaces. The solution we see is that a new era of veterinary clinical housing needs to be in place, and we have designed just that.

Our CASCO Pet Veterinary Clinical Housing is built from toughened safety glass and therefore is proven to reduce noise levels in your clinic. The properties of glass kennels help keep sound to a minimum, so it has never been easier to prevent noise pollution in your clinic. A reduction in noise means that your patients and staff will be in a significantly calmer environment and this will aid to the recovery of animals in your care. Calm animals mean veterinary staff can focus more on what matters with less distractions.

The potential reasons for noise can also stem from animals not feeling comfortable or feeling anxious in their environment. We have counteracted this by including integrated heat and lighting, as well as calming graphics inside each individual enclosure. We have designed this patient housing to be a safe and modern space for animals to recover, A modern ward also means an improved environment for owners to visit their pets, which can equally aid to keeping your patients calm and comfortable in an unknown surrounding. The glass doors are available with frosted privacy glass, meaning animals won't be agitated by seeing potential threats in the ward. Ultimately all of these measures are in place to improve the environment of the busy veterinary practice and ensure your customers are satisfied with the care facilities for their pet.

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