Aquarium Racks

Our Professional range has a contemporary high class finish. The rack structures are manufactured using high quality aluminium that provides an exceedingly durable unit. We are able to offer two, three or four levels, various compartment configurations and specialist layouts such as nano or variable water levels.

You can choose the colour of your aquarium racks with a fully integrated labelling system to complete the professional look. Decorative fascias are used between two connecting racks to give consistency throughout your layout.

At CASCO Pet we can offer you a choice of filtration including sump, per level and per compartment filtration. We can also supply marine filtration to your rack or, if you prefer, a complete centralised filtration system for your entire aquatic installation. You can read more about our filtration choices and all our aquarium racks by clicking on the links below or download a copy of our latest brochure using the button below.

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