Looking to reduce noise in your Veterinary Clinic?

Choose glass kennels to improve hygiene, sound pollution and animal well-being in your care facility.

CASCO Pet have worked with vets to create a range of revolutionary enclosures that provide the ultimate comfort and well-being for cats, dogs and reptiles and small animals, as well as providing cost and time saving features for veterinary professionals.

From conception to build, we have created a range of clinical housing that is safe, hygienic and practical. Using toughened glass instead of stainless steel creates a warm and quiet environment to improve and speed recovery, aided by our specially designed calming graphics. Their modular design gives you the ultimate flexibility to create the perfect ward for your practice.

Our cat and dog enclosures can be supplied as individual units and are priced competitively with other cages.

The real beauty of our modular stack system is that our components enable you to safely and easily stack enclosures and add controllable heat and lighting if required.

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