Dog Walk-in

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Our Dog Walk-In is ideal for housing larger dogs or long-stay patients. We can custom-build the size to fit your ward perfectly. To retrofit hard-built kennels we also offer a Dog Walk-In Door.

It's time to banish the stainless-steel cages from your wards. All our veterinary clinical housing is constructed with toughened glass. We use glass because it significantly reduces noise and vibration, two factors likely to increase stress in a patient. It is easy to clean and corrosion resistant, meaning that it's better for infection control and a wider range of disinfectants can be used for cleaning.

Glass doors and walls make it faster and easier to monitor pets, meaning that they don't need to be moved as often as they can be easily seen within their enclosure. This reduces stress levels, saves time and is better for patients. The Dog Walk-In door uses strong stainless-steel hinges that are incredibly durable and quiet. Each door has a handle on the outside and small twist knob inside. This prevents dog escape and allows easy exit from the inside. They are fitted with secure twist locks on the inside and outside, allowing staff to quickly open the door and quietly push shut the door with one hand. The Walk-In door features twelve 40mm ventilation holes ensuring a constant supply of fresh air. Placed in the top half of the door, they ensure that dogs can't get their paws caught and there are no cold draughts at the bottom of the enclosure. On request frosting can be added to the door to prevent dog to dog vision.

Walk-Ins can be built to include CASCO calming graphics, a mottled green fading into blue that hints at grass and sky. The graphic dramatically reduces reflection, and can help your patients to feel more at home in their environment. Calmer pets and an attractive modern ward makes it easy for long term patients to be visited and is appealing to pet owners.

The Dog Walk-In can work as a standalone or built-in alongside our dog enclosures. Simply contact us for a quote and our design team can create the perfect solution for your practice.

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