Why Value Engineered?

At just £1700*, our new Value Engineered rack has made a big impact in the aquatic community. With two colour choices and an abundance of equipment included, you won't find a more affordable 'ready to go' solution on the market today.

Download Value Engineered Specifications

* Excludes VAT and Delivery

Included features

Welded aluminium frame

Two fascia colour choices

Black glass backgrounds

Adjustable water flow

Safe earthing capabilities

30w UV steriliser

LED lighting

Glass aquarium covers

Sump filtration

Exclusive offer

6 months FREE supply of CASCOPure!

Receive a 6 month supply of CASCOPure with each single Value Engineered rack purchased. Offer ends 31st March. Offer only valid in the United Kingdom.

CASCOPure improves the health of your fish and reduces tank maintenance.