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Daylight Mode

We understand the importance of monitoring to assess and deliver the best level of care, but the harsh florescent lighting doesn't provide a calming environment for patient recovery. The Daylight Setting on our DRC lighting provides the perfect lighting solution.

The white light ensures excellent visibility, meaning veterinarians can easily carry out observations, without uprooting patients. This wavelength of light also supports the patient’s own vision, enabling them to clearly identify and recognise human faces when in recovery. This helps to further reduce levels of stress and anxiety which could potentially hinder their recovery time.  

Mimicking natural daylight can also be used to maintain the patient’s usual day and night circadian rhythm. This is something which is often overlooked in veterinary practices with most cages supplied without sufficient lighting, relying on what already exists in the ward. 

DRC Veterinary lighting 3 in 1

Recovery Mode

Sleep is considered the cornerstone of recovery and vitality, so allowing a patient to rest whilst being continuously observed brings a new level of care to veterinary practices.  

Bright lights or natural daylight interferes with the hormone Melatonin. This is produced in the absence of blue and white light and helps to regulate sleep and circadian cycles. Like most mammals cats and dogs don’t have cone receptors in their eyes, which means they don’t see in the red spectrum or wavelength. By using a red light to observe veterinary patients in recovery prevents disturbing them from their natural sleep cycles and rest.  





DRC Veterinary lighting 3 in 1