Set it and forget it
A virtually maintenance free aquatic filter

CASCOPurge is a revolutionary patent pending, virtually maintenance free filtration system that challenges traditional labour-intensive filtration methods. We wanted to address the issue of labour intensive system cleaning in our customer's stores and after many years of research, we have a product that truly remodels the industry.

How does CASCOPurge work?

Designed to fit on the back of our fish racks CASCOPurge automatically purges waste from the system on a programmable timer and filters out all impurities and detritus. It does this using a new form of bio media; the K1 micro media which has been tested extensively by the IFTS (Institut de la Filtration et des Techniques Séperatives) who are the leading independent accredited laboratory in Europe specialising in water filtration. The test proved that CASCOPurge successfully reduced turbidity by up to 93.7% and reduced system power consumption.

Reduce fish mortality by up 80%

Fish rack maintenance can take upwards of an hour per day, CASCOPurge reduces this time spent on labour, as well as reducing costs. But that's not all it can do, expansive trials with real-world customers revealed installing CASCOPurge significantly reduced fish mortality by maintaining a clean and stable environment. CASCOPurge is a must-have for your fish racks.

Features and Benefits

Automatic self-cleaning Purge Filter system

Virtually maintenance free filter – set it and forget it

Traps dirt particles and breaks down ammonia and nitrite

Automatically changes water

No additional or replacement media ever necessary

Removes organic waste before system enters the nitrogen cycle

Lowers nitrate levels and buffers pH

Improves fish health and lowers fish mortality by up to 80%


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