Treat your fish to the best water

CASCOPure is a bacterial water treatment that has been specifically cultivated to improve the health of your fish, and to reduce the time cleaning and maintaining your system. Every unique ball contains live beneficial bacteria and enzymes that rapidly mature and cycle new systems to deliver crystal clear, perfectly balanced water. The CASCOPure balls convert toxic ammonia and nitrite into safer forms, significantly reducing fish loss through poor water quality and Toxic Tank Syndrome.

CASCOPure has been specifically designed to meet the needs of commercially used, retail-based aquariums. Simply drop 1 ball per 450L each month. CASCOPure is ideal for new aquarium startups, enabling the addition of livestock quicker than traditional circumstances. It is available for both Marine, and Freshwater.

How does CASCOPure work?

1. When the level of toxins and waste is greater in the water than in the CASCOPure, the bacteria leave the sphere.

2. Remaining bacteria stays within the ball and continues to eat the bacteria food source, the CASCOPure ball will function for weeks.

3. The bacteria then digests toxins, primarily dangerous ammonia and nitrites, keeping your water clean and your fish healthy.

Easy to use

With CASCOPure, you simply have to drop 1 CASCOPure ball per 450L each month into the aquatic system. Within hours the ball will start to shrink and release bacteria. The bacteria are very efficient! Due to this, in systems that have higher levels of ammonia and nitrogenous waste, the spheres will shrink faster. Dropping them into areas with strong flow will aid rapid dispersal. Once all bacteria has left the sphere, a small white casing will remain. This can be left in the system to dissolve over time or it can be manually removed and discarded.

Reef safe

Thousands of reef aquariums around the world use CASCOPure Marine, with great results. Because CASCOPure is 100% invertebrate safe, it is perfect for adding to frag tanks, fish only systems, or invert systems.


CASCOPure Marine can be used in conjunction with systems running Protein Skimmers, UV Sterilizers, and Ozone. It can also be used to bring ceramic rock and sand beds to life and is great for adding to fluidized reactors.

Dosing instructions

For commercial systems, add 1 ball per 450L each month. Additional CASCOPure can be added when receiving a large fish delivery to eliminate ammonia spikes creating a less stressful acclimation period.


Wear gloves when dosing as the lotions and chemicals on our hands may damage the bacteria.

Features and Benefits

Up to 50% reduction in fish mortality

Rapidly matures new filters and aquariums

Digests waste and clears water

Reduces detritus and maintenance

Repairs damaged biological filters

Eliminates Toxic Tank Syndrome

Reduces overall maintenance and labour

2 Year shelf life