Treat your fish to the best water

What is CASCO Pure?

Designed to help you to create the perfect environment for your livestock with the least amount of effort. The unique gel ball format contains live beneficial bacteria and enzymes that rapidly mature and cycle new systems. The pure balls convert toxic ammonia and nitrate significantly reducing fish loss through poor water quality and Toxic Tank Syndrome.

How does it work?

Simply drop a single ball into the filtration section of each fish rack per month. When the level of toxins and waste in the water is greater than in the pure ball the bacteria within will leave the ball and eat the toxins, primarily dangerous ammonia and nitrites, keeping your water clean and your fish healthy. The remaining bacteria will stay within the ball and continue to eat the bacteria food source ensuring that the pure ball will function for many weeks. CASCO Pure is ideal for starting up a new aquarium as well as already established aquariums and is also available for all types of marine setups.

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Features and Benefits

• Up to 50% reduction in fish mortality
• Rapidly matures new filters and aquariums
• Digests waste and clears water
• Reduces detritus and maintenance
• Repairs damaged biological filters
• Eliminates Toxic Tank Syndrome
• Reduces overall maintenance and labour
• 2 Year shelf life

How Pure Works

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