Value Engineered Aquatic Rack

Value Engineered Aquatic Rack

A floor to ceiling Aquarium Rack that is pre-assembled and available in two colours

A stylish, practical and affordable alternative to our professional range with no compromise on quality, the Value Engineered fish rack features aluminium fascias and is available in 2 colour choices (powder coated silver or dark grey). The rack consists of 3 tiers and provides compartment configurations of 3, 2, 3. The welded aluminium frame provides a stable structure and the adjustable feet enable you to level your racks easily. Waterproof power sockets are fitted to each rack, above the sump.

Each aquarium compartment incorporates protective cover glass to ensure your fish remain in the aquarium! Each compartment has adjustable water flow, dedicated overflow and black glass backgrounds. The aquariums are designed to be installed and removed from the front for maintenance purposes, this means you do not need to dismantle any plumbing to access the tanks.

The systems are supplied with sump filtration including pre-filtration socks and sponges. Additionally, a 30w UV steriliser kills pathogens and provides efficient control over aquarium parasites. The aquariums are heated with 2x 300w heaters in order to maintain the correct temperatures for your fish. Each level has LED lighting above the aquariums to complement the colours of your fish.

The VE range provides a cost-effective solution for small to medium sized businesses. With high quality craftsmanship and a sophisticated design, the VE range will suit aquatic retailers, educational facilities and rescue centres.

1293mm x 650mm x 2300mm high


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